Friday, January 14, 2005


Ok. I tried my hand at knitting my first sock last night. Let me just begin by saying, knitting in the round has never been my thing. I don't know why, but I always end up with the joining stitch being really loose and the item in general looks like crap. But - the joining stitch with socks is the very least of my troubles! Here are some issues -

1.) Akwardness holding the needles. Does one of them always have to be jabbing a part of my hand?

2.) Where do you put the place marker for the beginning of the round. Before the join stitch? and if does it stay on the needle.

3.) Dear gawd - how do you purl on these sticks? I have tiny hands (the only part of my body that is actually) and I can't even imagine doing ribbing on the toothpicks.

4.) How do you keep the stitches from falling off of the other sticks? Am I knitting too loose? The pattern said to knit loosely as the socks will be tight otherwise.

5.) And lastly, could I possibly complain anymore? What a whiner!

Not gonna give up (no I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry - cuz you're not worth my tears. Name that song chickies). Going to try this afternoon and just knit a circle, to get the feel of the sticks. Then...hopefully....don't hold yer breath....I will be ready to attack em' by tonight.

Must think positive.

I also started the SNB Spiderweb capelet and it was problematic for me. I know what your thinking now, its not the pattern - its the girl. Yes, I admit it. I am having the hardest time completing row 4 in this pattern. First time, I totally miscounted. Second time, I dropped a stitch and knew there was simply no way I would ever be able to count back to where I was so I frogged the whole bugger. Can someone tell me, again my self denial about anyone actually reading my blog is amusing eh?, am I the only one having issues with this pattern? One would think with it being knit on big needles - it would be a breeze. Hmmppph!

Went to my lys last night. Yippeee! Picked up the sock sticks, a #7 circular and some sticks for the arm warmer in SNB. I really, really want to make up some arm warmers. I saw a gal on another blog (who are you....I can't remember now!!) had made them using her own pattern. Just looked like a ribbing all the way so....maybe I can make some similar. I hate winter coats, hate em' I say. This can be yet another defense to keep me out of the big bulky things!

Been watching my show "Starting Over" for a while now. Anybody else out there watch it? If not...just skip the next few lines as I blabber away. Anyway, watched Primetime last night and they had testimony from Dr Stan. He has actually worked on the Michael Jackson case. Talked to the boys. Thought that was interesting, not sure why - but thought I'd share. hehe

Ok, its come down to me talking about MJ. Time for me to leave!!


At 10:12 PM, Blogger Peacock said...

Not very timely, I realize (as I'm writing this reply to something you wrote back in January). When I'm knitting in the round I usually put the stitch marker between the first and second stitch of the new row so that it does not slide off the needles, but so that I only have to take out one stitch if I'm being stupid. ;) ... if the pattern I'm working requires some sort of shaping weirdness (a cable, for example), I'll usually put the stitch marker just after the first pattern grouping. (if it's a 5-stitch cable, I'll put the SM between stitch 5 and stitch 6)

You might find that you prefer to put the stitch marker near the end of the last stitches of a round instead of at the beginning of the first. That's personal preference, but it really helps to be consistent.


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