Saturday, January 08, 2005

Acrylic - The Anti Yarn?

I have been reading alot of knitting blogs the last few months. One thing I notice is that all of these talented knitters do not ever mention using acrylic yarn. Why is that? Is acrylic a bad, shameful thing. Personally, I can say that there are times (most) when I prefer acrylic. This ain't your Grammas yarn folks. I remember the itchy, stiff scarves and hats I was a kid. This is simply not the same yarn. Acrylic has come a long way baby. I'm not talking about Red Heart stiff yarn, you know the stuff - thick ww coarse stuff. (which is great for afghans btw), but Caron Simply Soft or or Bernat - the cotton blend Denim or Lion Brands Wool Ease or Homespun. I, for one use them with pride. Am I the only knitter who has bought yarn at Walmart? Not that I don't ADORE my lys - I just do not have a lys budget. For instance, I was going to knit a Rowan sweater for myself. Biggie Wool - my lys had it at over $9 a skein. I needed 10 skeins!! No way could I afford that. Lion Brand (acrylic) Thick & Chunky $4 and...I only needed 8 sk's.

Maybe, people who buy the pure blends are just more into their creations? I can't imagine loving knitting, or the product anymore than I do - but maybe...just maybe...I need to buy a pile of pure silk or angora to figure out this mystery?! convince my hubby that missing one car payment to solve this dilemna is worth it!!

Wanted to take a minute to see if anyone out there (you are out there right?) has seen the movie "Open Water"? If you havent - then don't read beyond here - don't want to ruin it for you! Ok....the movie freaked me out. Its about a couple who get left behind on a dive boat tour in the Pacific (I assume). First, lemme say that I am just not so gung-ho on getting my scuba license for my trip to Australia this year anymore. Sharks and eels and jellyfish - oh my. Hell no. And the movie ended bizarre too but just in case someone did go ahead and read thru (I See You) this who hasn't seen it - I won't elaborate.

My hubby and I were talking about the ocean not too long ago. He jumped off a boat into the ocean. Just jumped and went down several feet underwater. The open ocean. ohmygawd. A man who refuses to go into a KS lake in fear of snakes, cannonballed into shark country? What the hell. Anyway, despite his moment of insaneness - he is one of those guys who wants to know whats under the water with him. I am the opposite. I prefer to be left out of that part of the experience. Wondering what this says about each of us. Maybe its better I don't know eh?


At 2:34 PM, Blogger hopetemple said...

i fearlessly knit with acrylic!


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