Monday, January 03, 2005

Closet Cleaning....

First I was afraid....I was petrified...kept thinking I could never live with out er, Dr Pepper by my side....

Did I mention that I gave up Dr Pepper? I may die. I have the energy of a slug. Too weak to knit even. Ok, thats a lie. But - I'm close. 2 Full days of no caffeine. Gawd man.

Alright, I have whined enough. Yesterday I kidnapped my hubbies new sweater and did some massive damage. Massive. He ordered a HUGE sweater from Lands End in what looked like a lovely dark orange. The computer screen photo was soooo not accurate. We are talking highway cone orange. Bright neon orange. Not a attractive sweater. Plus, it was politely mentioned that anybody who is not perfectly slim and trim - would have the definite chance of being referred to as a pumpkin while wearing this sweater. That sealed the deal and the sweater was mine. All mine. 100% cotton and ALOT of it. I unravelled it (thanks to Neauveau for tips) and had over 6 giant balls of yarn. I plan on looking thru closets for more sweaters. More more more! Will post a pic of the stash as soon as the weather is better - rainy and cold - my camera photographs best outside.

Also, in the slightest, tiniest hope that anyone reads this - does anyone know how to add links to the side of your blog. I may just have to redesign this in my own software as I am having a hard time with blogger! Have a great day!!


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