Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Doogie Schnauzer- & her beloved blankie

Fear not - the storm came, is still here and all is well. We did lose power for a while and there is a strong chance we will lose it again. Its really just all ice, no snow. Heres a couple pics of our poor trees.

Below - our beloved Magnolia tree.
My city-boy hubby calls it the Marigold Tree. hehe

I have been working diligently at getting some new colors finished for my asymmetrical ponchos and the new shawls. Hoping sooooon I can get outside to get some decent photos taken. The sweater yarn (recycled) is making up a helluva shawl. I put the neon orange together with the bright red (from the second sweater) and the look beautishus together. I have always wanted a cotton shawl - so this bugger will be mine. All mine.

Ok...will post more later today. Icy walks calling my name! Don't want our mailman to take a tumble due to my laziness!!

I'm back. I got my box o' yarn in from Smileys today. Woo hoo. I have been buying alot of the Patons Divine from them as its $2 cheaper than buying it locally. They also had a special - they sent extras in the box. Several booklets for blankets/afghans both crochet and knit. THREE (count em') sets of needles (sz 2, 5, 9) and a afghan crochet hook. What a deal.

I am on day five now of no Dr Pepper. Day 5 man. Whodu thunk I'd make it this far eh? Without flipping out at least. I have discovered something that makes me temporarily happy - Sonic Slushes. Cherry Slush. It keeps me occupied, has sugar and tastes wonderful. Or at least thats what I am telling myself. ITSJUSTASGOODASDRPEPPER. ITSJUSTASGOODASDRPEPPER. .

Business is very slow right now. I am hoping it picks up here shortly as we just do not have the finances to have me out of work for long. I may have to go back to a part time job to tide us over for a while. a scary thought. I couldnt get a job after being laid off (which is how my online biz thing all started!), now...after 2 years of being out of the workforce - I doubt employers are just wishing someone like me would come along. We'll see. Its too bad there is not a online community that hires people to knit or crochet. That would be my job.

Ok starting to bore myself !!......I'm really out of here this time!!


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