Sunday, January 09, 2005

Happy Photo Day.....

Ahhh....luuuuke into my are getting verrry sleepy.....

Sable - Professional Hypnotist

Well.....I'm here. Not a half bad w/e. Some issues but won't bore you with the details - this time. But you will owe me one eh? Weather finally decent so I took some pictures of my finished items. Here is a peek....

The Patons Divine shawl - LOVE this

I really like this color scheme - knit #8's

I am about halfway thru my double pleated cable scarf - I am wishing I had went with a different color though. Maybe a dk blue or red? Either way - I love this design. Its gonna be on a sweater next.

Also, here is a pic of the shawl that I am crocheting with the recycled yarn. The red sweater and the orange sweater - going to be able to get at least a shawl & a couple of scarves out of the stash. sum this picture party - I feel I should add what my hubby has spent the ENTIRE day doing -



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