Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hotties & Scarves

Ok. So....I finally might of found a use for this Noro yarn. Yes, its me talking about the Noro yarn yet again. Here's a pic of a scarf I started:

Its from the Scarf Style book, a pattern called Braided Mischief. Just absolutely lovely. And soooo easy. I did use humongous needles though, sz 15's for this yarn. I'm a tight knitter so I usually go up a few sizes anyway. Whatcha think??

I also want to take a few minutes to talk about my new crush. Yes, 30 something women get crushes. Matt Damon, I am so sorry but I'm afraid you are moving down the list to 2nd place now. Its not you, its me.

Ok ladies...want to see the new man topping my hotties list this year? Are you sure? Be ready to wipe the drool from yer chin ....

Yeah, thats right baby. Mr Ryan Reynolds, of "Van Wilder" and "Two Guys & A Girl" fame has grown to be a man. A man. Shocking. I didnt even know it was him actually. Told my hubby that the guy on the cover of Mens Health looked like a buff, good looking older brother of that Van Wilder actor. Turned out - it was "that Van Wilder actor". Good gawd man.

Alannis Morrissette - YOU GO GIRL!


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