Sunday, January 30, 2005

If I just gave up the yarn.....

Today was a first for me. Just shocking actually. I went to my LYS and did not buy anything. I resisted. I almost blew a gasket but......I made it out with only my purse in hand. I actually went in there to get yarn for this stole . A friend asked me to make it for her.... she is buying the yarn. Yay for me....its like knitting for free. Anyway, my lys didn't have any of the yarns. Can you believe that? Three different types of yarn (ribbon) and they didnt have even one. I was going to pick up some of the silk Noro stuff as it was 20% off but...I even resisted that. I feel like this should be something I'm proud of, that I resisted a impulse buy - but instead I just felt naked coming out of that store without a little stash of yarn.

This is when I realized how serious my yarn addiction is. And I feel a little guilty about it. I mean, there are a couple extra car payments every year that could be paid if I just gave up the yarn. Maybe we could actually use the extra money to fence the backyard, buy one of those Sleep Number beds, maybe a Jacuzzi or a weekend vacation somewhere. All I have to do - is put down the yarn.

Uh. Yeah - that is so not going to happen.

There are worst addictions I could have.

Just think of all the things that would happen if I did give up the yarn. First, I would eat everything in site. Therefor I would weigh at least 700 lbs which would lead to all sorts of health problems such as HBP, diabetes, heart stress & the sort. I would also bite my nails to the stubs, sleep all day & be a social, unorganized misfit due to the fact that my mind would not have a single moment to relax and gather a lifeplan.

See, without yarn I probably wouldnt even survive.

Now, do you think my hubby will believe this excuse?


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