Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Just looking thru my blog - and shock of shocks....someone actually left a comment. Gasp. Could it be there is at least one person out there who stumbled across this, felt pity for my comment-less self - and spoke up? I have hope. Actually - I think the persons name was Hope .....so its a sign. :)

Well...I did it. Signed up for my very first Secret Pal! Can't wait! Will post a link to the gal who is hosting this one - praise to her as I don't know how she finds the time. I am really looking forward to this!

Been working on my WIP's this week. Just getting over a nasty cold and didn't want to work on my orders til I was over the crud. Who wants a germ tainted scarf eh? My WIP's are growing almost daily it seems. I can't seem to control myself in starting new projects. I think its mostly fear that I will forget I wanted to make THAT one special thing....so I start it in hopes of not forgetting......which leads to yet another week where other stuff on the sticks gets ignored and yada yada yada. Its a vicious circle man. But just not in my control. My house is kind of the same I suppose. The bedroom that has yet to get the ceiling repainted but the walls are a lovely shade of blue. The curtains in the bedroom hand sewn but completely half-assed on the hems - which I planned to redo months ago. The fact that I will scrub the tub or scrub the tiles in the bathroom but never the tiles AND the tub. Maybe its laziness. Maybe its craziness. Maybe......its me.

Anyhoo....this is the current SOS's ( stuff on sticks) - waiting for their turn.
Tube Neck scarf
Lion Brand shawl in B/W
Petal Shawl (crochet) from Planet Shoup
Red/Orange shawl from the dead sweaters
Matching red/orange scarf
Double Pleated Cable scarf
Gray wool mittens - two needle -God bless
Granny Square afghan - what the hell was I thinkin'?
Asymmetrical red tweed Plymouth poncho

Yup - I should be ashamed. My sticks should be taken away.

I havent started the socks yet. I am having a really hard time finding dpn's. Well, that and I havent exactly been searching very hard. Socks are scary. I procrastinate. But I do have a name to live up to here, eventually I will fearlessly knit socks. Eventually.

I also have a confession. While I am here confessing my SOS sins I suppose it would be a good time to admit this. I am back on the Dr. No, not George Clooney in ER (and how much do I miss him there). Although, a girl can dream. I am back to guzzling Dr Pepper. I lasted barely a week. Uglyness ensued and my hubby happily brought me home a 2 liter. But its sooooo damn good!

A girl could have worse addictions.


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