Friday, January 07, 2005

A Moment in History - Double Pleated Cable

Someday, I will recount this amazing day to my childrens children. It is to be known as the day I accomplished a swatch of the elusive double pleated cable. Gasp. Why I have had issues with this cable in particular - I don't know. Some specific damage to the part of my brain that decodes the mystery of the double pleated cable I suppose. Either way - I'm thrilled. The swatch was very curly at the edges, a result of stockinette stitch. I plan on making a scarf tomorrow, to eliminate the rolled edge I will just do garted stitch on the first/last three stitches. Hopefully - this helps. I used two strands of Caron Simply Soft for the swatch on #9's and it came out a bit bulky but...I dig it. I am going to do a single cable down the center of the scarf, with wide stockinette sides which I will fold and sew up the center for a double knit feel. Its gonna stop traffic. Trust me.

Have also set another New Years goal for me. I am going to learn to knit socks this year. I tried last year and it was just scary. I was all thumbs and nervous shakes. This year -- it will be different. Looked at Hobby Lobby for a pattern book with easy step-by-step instructions for socks but saw nothing. May search the net. Its on. Me vs. the dpns.

Still icy and cold around here. IF the weather ever clears up I will have LOTS of photos to be taken. I have about 12 ponchos/shawls/scarves/capelets to list on eBay or at my website, they all need to be photographed though. I will post a couple here, and a pic of my beloved dpc swatch as soon as I can.

Funny how I am still in denial about my being the only one reading this eh? :)


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