Saturday, January 01, 2005

The New Year Resolution I Might Actually Keep....

Ok. Here it is. Day one of my new blog. All of my many readers - Please form a line to the right, no pushing or shoving. Yup....I know I am the only one reading this! Have talked to myself before, won't be the first time....nor I doubt the last!!

To start out I would like to begin by explaining my blog name. The Fearless Knitter. When I was a kid, my sister and I joked that I was fearless. Which - I was. Perhaps in time I will share some of my adventures with my fellow bloggers but for now - its just too much muck about me. Needless to 'fearless'ness has carried over to my knitting. I have made some of the strangest things, from wristlettes to funky ponchos to items that I could only call "The Thing". I'm a outside o' the box chick. I don't like the inside of the box, its cold and dark and I am pretty sure there are spideys eyeballin' me. Would much rather take the box, shellac it with tinfoil, crochet up a bitchin' handle to tie on it and slide it down a snowy ditch. Live life. Fear nuthin'. Except Spiders.

This blog is just intended to be a somewhat daily journal of my travels in knitting and life. So visit me once in a while, gimme notice and I'll even see if I can find another box. :)

ps...just figuring out this whole blog thing.....might just prettier er' up soon!! Heres a pic of one of my latest....


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