Monday, January 24, 2005

The Saga of The Arm Warmers....

Ok, so I admit I have had a bit of a addiction going on lately - I am digging arm warmers. Long, cuddly ones. Just could not find a pattern that I liked, other than SNBN which the chart was giving me lots of grief. So....after a weekend of football and extreme laziness I have come up with these. They are not fancy. Celebrities will not be calling me to make them some. I will not be in Vogue. But....they are warm - cuddly and mine. All mine.

A pic of the arm warmers on the sticks:

The finished arm warmer:

I bought the yarn at my lys, however I am trying to figure out what the heck it is. The label is entirely all foreign language, I mean ALL of it is. I see its made in Istanbul - but thats it. Trying to figure out the yarn blend as its just lovely yarn. Says: 20% yun, 77% pac & 3% viskose. What the hell? Its so very soft and really reasonable priced. Two of these made my arm warmers with lots to spare.

The label:

Ah well....I like'm it....thats all that matters eh?

Also, here is a pic of the Noro yarn, just in case anyone was interested in my previous post.


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