Sunday, January 16, 2005

Til We Meet Again....

Will be away for a few days so thought I'd post tonight!

News in yarn - ya better sit down for this one. I used my very first Noro yarn. Yes, me...the Queen of all Acrylic yarns. Ya see, I had a coupon for my thought....why not. I bought six sk's of a earthy brown Kuryeon . I got it for $30. What a steal! And lemme just say that....I am diggin' it. For anyone whose a Noro virgin - this is the DREAM variegated yarn. It changes color gradually. Gradually man. You don't even realize it until you stop your work and look at it. Amazing stuff.

Currently, I am working on the arm warmers in SNB. Its my first chart (is this even considered a chart to you experts out there?) so its going really slow for me. I have a feeling the whole thumb gussett issue will be a stumbling block. Ain't afraid.

However, I am afraid of the damn Spiderweb capelet in SNB. Good gawd man. I have tried this pattern at least 6 times now and frogged em' all. Of course, this just ticks me off and motivates me all the more but....I gotta figure out what I am doing wrong. This is such a easy pattern. Going to try a different yarn....Maybe TLC Amore with it? As I even was desperate enough to go hunting for the Merino Frappe by CP that it calls for. My lys said they thought it wasnt being made anymore.

Also, my hubby is hoping he might have a job in Tampa. I can't even imagine it. One part of me is excited, the other is horrified. First of all.....I don't have a very positive relationship with the sun. I don't tan, even a little. I burn. I boil. Its ugly, ugly stuff. In fact, a simple drive across town in the summer will gimme a burn on my arms thru the car window. Splotchy, like hives or something. Second, from what I've seen everyone in Florida is beautiful, tan and slim. I might just be the ONLY fluffy girl in the state. Will they put me on the news about my being the biggest woman in the state. Will people stare in horror and shock at me. Babies cry? Worse, will gawd awful punk ass teenagers try to tip me over just to see if I could get up? It could happen.

I am kidding.

Or am I? might just all be worth it to walk along a beach (layered in sunscreen of course) in January. Hmmm.



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