Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ya Can't Always Get What Ya Want.....

but if you try just might find....ya get what ya neeeed.

Have I mentioned I love Mick Jagger? Listening to cd's as I write this, must see them in concert.

Well, I'm back. The trip was wonderful, peaceful and dreamy. And too short!

I spent alot of time on the SNB Spiderweb Capelet and - I have thrown out the white flag. I surrender. What the hell my deal is with this pattern - I don't know! I must of tried it at least a dozen times now. Every time it seems my stitches are off or some other trivial blunder that ruins the entire garment. I must call it quits for the time being with this guy.

I am trying to come up with a simple ribbing for some really long arm warmers. Does anybody know of a pattern somewhere for something like that? Wanting them to be just long tubes but almost all the way up my arm. Help.

Picked up Scarf Style today at my lys. Gawd, how I love this book. Where should I start? Which one will I try first? Hmmm....this is one of those times when I wish I had a ton of readers. I would love a Scarf Style knit-a-long. Maybe I'll start one - if I am the only participant - so be it eh?! Could even have a prize (I'd give) to the best scarf or something.

Ok - if you are out there and want to try this....holler at me. I will make a button. And stuff!

Again. Denial here about anyone reading this. :)

News on the Noro front - not the biggest fan of this Kureyon stuff. A couple of things, its lovely yarn - very pretty and my top pick for anything variegated but....

1.) Its very slubby, and makes my knits look like my stitching is a little funky.
2.) Its wool and kinda too itchy for me.
3.) I can't find anything interesting to do with it.

Other than the SNB armwarmers which - I am thinking about restarting in something softer.

Sooooo.....if anyone out there wants to trade a stash of my Noro for something - please gimme a holler. I have six skeins, 2 have been partially unwound but all the yarn is there. I think one is naked with no label too. I will even wind them so they can be pulled from the middle. Lemme know if you want a pic - its earthy brown tones.

Ok...I am outta here. Watching "The Forgotten" tonight.

ps....the Secret Pal 4 came to a close!! Anxiously awaiting news of who my new pal will be. Might even be some Noro yarn in their future eh?! hehe!


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