Friday, February 25, 2005


Gorgeous day today. Just beautiful - sunny and warm. A preview of Spring that is just around the corner. I love Spring - planting new flowers, green grass, rain showers & of course the opportunity to show off the light airy scarves I've made just for this time of year. One bad thing about this time of year though, BUGS. I hate em'. And they seem to get a bit more diverse each year. Last year we had these furry centipede things in our bathroom. In our house for Gods sake. HORROR! Granted, I saw just two - one in the tub and one what I can only describe as attacking me when my er, defenses were down. Maybe a bit over a inch long, gazillion gross legs, covered in a gray fuzz and they run like the wind. Again, HORROR. I have no idea what they were but I live in fear of them again this year. Have you ever been in the midst of a 2am potty and saw a bug from hell dart towards you only to dissapear under a bathroom rug? I have. Trust me - there is not enough therapy for me to recover from the trauma. Hoping all the preventive measures we did last year, and again this year will be sucessful in a bug free bathroom.

I have heard that alot of states are bug free. My sister lives in Alaska and claims that there are absolutely no bugs there. Moose run freely but - no bugs. This sounds like my kind of place.

Boy - get me talking about my bug phobia and I never shut up. Just wait til snake season starts.

Obviously, I have no knitting news to talk about today eh? I did buy a couple sk's of Lambs Pride in black and some fuzzy loopy yarn. Will be a purse with a funky design on the front and maybe back. Thought about maybe my name on it. A big book bag type purse felted in black with my name on it. Whatcha think?

Going to a casino tonight. DH plays blackjack while I play the slots. We only go maybe twice a year or so - basically when the casino sends us coupons for a free buffet. Their buffet is fabulous dahling. A giant area with all different types of foods. Italian, mexican, seafood and yada yada. Costs $29 pp usually so when we get coupons - what a deal. Usually we don't spend more than $20 ea in the casino so its a relatively cheap night out for us. Even better if we can drag along friends. Wanna come?!


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