Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Day by day....

What a busy week I am having - and God help me - its only Wednesday. We have decided to not move after all. I know, I know - make up your mind already. Just too many things against moving out of state - so..... we're here for a while. Which makes my nomadic spirit very unhappy. Living in KS for a good part of my life has left me wanting. Although we moved around ALOT when I was a kid - it was never away from KS for good. As an adult I am really wanting to dip my toes in other waters now. Before the hips crack, the walker travels along with me or I just give up on the dream. Insert picture of my Mother here. In time I suppose - until then lots and lots of vacations.

Knitting news - I am now officially a felter. Fearless Felter. That would of been a better blog name. I just finished knitting up a cute little purse, beautiful caramel slightly variegated yarn that I LOVE. However, I notice that once it felted - the subtle color changes in the yarn became kind of blech. I am waiting for it to dry so I can add some bamboo handles - hoping the color changes after its dry. This attempt at felting did light a fire under my butt though to try it again. I love purses - making my own would be fabulous!

I placed a order thru Knitpicks yesterday. Lots of wool (felt me felt me) and some lace weight that I am wanting to use for a shawl. I will post the pics when the yarn arrives. Anyone know how long it takes Knitpicks to ship? My invoice said up to two weeks - TWO WEEKS?! Just might kill me.

Other WIP's are a baby blanket for my nephew, just started it. Using Lion Brand Pound of Love in Pastel Blue and Antique White, double strand pattern with one of each color thruout. Should go super fast as its knit on #17's. I have to admit I just don't have the patience for afghans/blankets that I once had. But....for a new baby.....anything!

Must go start supper - Baked fish, mac/cheese & we'll see on the canned vegetable. Have a great day~


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