Friday, February 04, 2005

FIRST of all....

A few firsts for me today. First, I fried up my very first sausage brats. Yeah, the gross sausage wrapped in pig intestines. Won't be eating them - but they are a fave of the dh's. Supper tonight will be the gross sausage with spaghetti and sauce. Two outta three aint bad. I might even run over to Wendys and get myself a baked potato and chicken strips instead of this spaghetti stuff

The second thing I did today was clean out the scary hall closet. And it was scary. Books, magazines, my poor sewing machine and all the accessories, bingo dabbers, emergency candles (so thats where they are). the adapter for the power drill, bills that should of been shredded and yada yada yada. This closet was every spiders dream. No more. Its been cleaned, the shelves relined and the clutter discarded. I feel good. Now...onto the junk drawer.

I also started Mystic Garden from my beloved Scarf Style book. I am using a mohair blend that has been in my stash forever. Its looking pretty nice actually. Just hoping I had enough to complete the scarf, only had 2 1/2 skeins. Send me all your hopeshehasenoughyarn thoughts please!

And the last thing I did...for the first time. What a sentence. I finished all the squares for my very first (and probably only) granny square blanket. Now, I thought joining them would be easy. A simple crochet, no problem. But I tried it and it looked awful. So I need to search the net tonight to find out the proper way to join em'. Here is a pic of some of the colors. Only used pinks and grays. Going to be a baby blanket for a friend with a kidlette on the way.

Off to search for seaming em' up help!


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