Wednesday, February 16, 2005


So. Today was supposed to be Day one of my journey to the great unknown. AKA Colorado. But stuff happens and my trip was delayed til possibly this weekend. And now my DH might be going to. This throws all kinds of kinks in my devious plans to visit CO lys's in reckless abandon. Must find a way to distract him....

Bought some Patons Brilliance today at Hobby Lobby. Crystal Cream and a soft pink. Got a scarf addiction that I can't control. Wanting a scarf in every color. Wondering how long this phase will last.

I also was surfing around knitting blogs today. Ok, I am just going to say it. I was spying. I am desperate to remodel my blog. Desperate I say. I've tried adding links on the side, doesnt work. I've tried different templates than what Blogger offers. Doesnt work. I've tried to make my site cool, hip & trendy like the wonderful Fluffa. And (obviously) - it doesnt work. So, I may or may not have been looking elsewhere for inspiration and tips . Sigh. I also am pretty sure that I have my SP4 narrowed down to 120 people now. hehe `She has told me she is to the West of me. Which really narrows it all down. Or not. Of course, I don't know if by West she means in this country. She's a sly SP for sure. I was reading a blog where a gal was saying she was tired in this whole game of hiding her identity from her SP. Noooo - is that not part of the fun?!~

I'm off - taped "Lost" tonight and dying to watch it. Survivor - tomorrow people. Lets hope its a better year. Less supermodels, more women of substance. Less brainless hottie boys, more interesting smart MEN! Or at the very least - more scenes with Jeff Probst in them!


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