Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Funky Funk

Ok, so. I feel like I am in a funk. No, not funky. A funk. The two are completely different things!

Perhaps its a mid-life crisis. I mean, what exactly defines a mid-life crisis anyway? I know that I am normally a very happy person. Ok, I'm not like happy happy (scary scary people)- just very much a cup-half-full kind of girl. And lately I have just been so out of it. Kind of sad, kind of stressed over things I don't normally stress over, kind of bluesy, stress eating & a unmotivated knitter . Its very strange. Maybe its a weather thing.

I know, I know - get over it already!

Knitting news - well....I finished my Braided Mischief scarf. Pics to come. I will say that I am not liking the way it wears. If that makes any sense. My hubby has a tendency to stretch scarves and the more he stretches this one, the thinner it becomes. Just ruins the pattern/beauty of the scarf. Maybe it because I went up too many sizes on my sticks? Could be.

I also crocheted a scarf a few days ago. Had a bug to make a Ettie type scarf, here is my version.

Don't ask me what the center pattern stitches are all about. I was going for a lightning type effect and failed miserably! But I do like it....very fuzzy and foo foo. Made it with the discontinued final skein I had of Lion Brand TerrySpun. A yarn I will miss dearly! Just so soft!

I am currently looking for a mohair substitute for a scarf in Scarf Style too. May hit my LYS tonight.

Many Thanks to my secret pal (from North Dakota, yeah - ya thats it) for a gift certificate from Adaggio Teas. My tea should arrive tomorrow - ordered chocolate, apple and a couple others. Will post a photo! Thanks again SP4 bud!


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