Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Gray Picture Day....

What a week its been. Sorry for my poor blogging - just busy busy busy lately!

A special shout out to my Secret Pal for the e-card she sent me today. A "just because" e-card. The best kind! Thanks SP!

In knitting news - I have gotten about half way thru Mystic Garden. I am really digging this pattern and this yarn. I have the perfect outfit to match so now I am impatient as ever to finish it! Heres a sneak peek:

Poor lighting today - so the picture is not the greatest! Very pretty, vibrant red mohair!

Also, a present from my friend Pam. Check out her little sweater and hair bow - all mohair and silk! The cutest bearfriend a girl could have:

And last....(ya like how I am throwing in alot of pictures to distract you from the fact that there is very little musings? - hehe - I'm tired!!)...a pic of the gray, non Hawaii, sunny beach'less day we are having here in wheat country:


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