Saturday, February 26, 2005

Happy To See My Mailman Day

Today - the mailman stepped outside of his regular routine of bringing me bills & junk mail. Brought me two lovely packages full of fun stuff. Want to see?

Knit Picks Bag o'fun

("Alpaca Cloud" - Baby Alpaca - sooooo soft)

Merino Wool - lots of colors - hello felted purses.

Yes - my Knit Picks order came in a very timely manner. Very pleased! Pleased with the order too - yarn seems very nice. I even managed to get some stuff for my Secret Pal of which I will not share - but its goood!

Also - heres a pic of the fluffy novelty yarn that I plan on using to put my name on my black felted purse. Its Trendsetter Masai:

And last but certainly not least - my mailman also delivered a yummy gift from Michael. Gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill boucle. Hello spring scarf! Thank you thank you thank you!

Yeah - a great way to start my weekend! Where should I even start?!

Non knitting news - we went to the casino last night. Now, lets play the whole good news/bad news scenario. First - only in KS. We were stuck in a traffic jam right at the casino entrance. Due to a - cue banjo music - freight train. Yes, the casino is right next to a railroad station. Brilliant planning when building this place. Not. Anyway, after finally getting to the casino we each went off our own ways with $50 in pocket. I hit the slots and my dh hit the blackjack tables. The hubby ended up breaking even while (pause for effect......) came out almost $400 richer. Gasp. Never ever happens. I'm convinced it was because of my new, sassy underwire bra. The mechanics of it had some sort of effects on the slot machines. It could happen.

Well, of course - the saying about one door shutting and another opening was in full swing here. Only reversed - a big old $400 door opened which caused another door to swing shut and shatter upon impact. Yes, the money is all gone. First - the explorer's electric window (badbadbad) jammed and we had to replace the motor in the door. $250. Then the shop misunderstood my hubby and did a big oil change/maintenence check scam which cost a extra $75. ACKKKKKKKK. Then, because we still had a little money left over - our poor little dog pulled out a nail and we had to rush her to the vet. $50. So - the thrill ride of winnings is over.

But - (cup half full cup half full) - I look at it as all this stuff was going to happen anyway, at least we had the money to take care of it all. Nothing gained, nothing lost attitude.

Or at least thats what I tell myself. That - and God has a hell of a sense of humour.


At 5:01 AM, Blogger Gewel said...

Wow! Thanks for the pics of the yarn. I think I just had a yarngasm, and need to go abuse my credit card right away.


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