Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Movie Questionaire

Because I was asked nicely - here ya go!

1.What was the last movie you went to see in a theatre?

Matrix Revolution - thought it was kind of lame, big fan of the first one though!

2. What is the last movie you watched at home?
The Bourne Supremacy - Matty Damon hmmmm

3. How many movies do you own?
Maybe a dozen

4. What was the last movie you bought?
Last of the Mohicans and Gladiator

5. Got Netflix (or a similar service)?
6. List five movies you adore / mean a lot to you

a.) The Sound of Music"doe a deer, a female deer"

b.) Fight Club – One of the best movies I have ever seen. Very violent, not for the kiddies but...awesome

c.) Gladiator – The make-me-cry movie

d.) Bridget Jones – Girl movie alert

e.) Last of The Mohicans"Stay alive, no matter what - I WILL find you". Gawd.

7. Name your guilty pleasure film?
Blade or Dirty Dancing (the original) – Oh yeah, I confess this dirty little secret and I can see you already - judging me. Sigh. Its a weakness man.

8. What's your favorite quote from a film?

Uh....too long to explain but - Tom Cruise to Jamie Fox in Collateral "You don't have the trunkspace". Cracked me up. Ok, that wasnt a deep, thought provoking answer but it was my first thought.

9. Name Three people who you will pass these questions on to.
Sarah, my Secret Pal & the Pal to whom I am a secret!

Ahhhhh.....already I am singing it like a crazy woman - "me, a name I call myself / La, a note to follow me/ sew, a needle pulling thread....lalalalala...that will bring us back to ....Doe...a deer"

Off to debrainwash!


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