Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mrs. Adventure

Today was spent getting ready for my trip tomorrow. I am driving out to CO to find us a house. Maybe ..... a job for me. We'll see how much time I have. I'm a little nervous about taking this drive alone (8 + hours) but....then I never said was a "fearless" trip taker eh? Just a fearless knitter. :) Don't tell my DH but this I Mapquest'ed out some yarn stores in the area. You know, just in case I happen to be in the area. Or maybe, our new house should be located in the vicinity eh?!

I did find the Mother of all yarn stores in Lakewood. Or so it seems online. Its called Showers of Flowers. Might just be the biggest yarn store I have ever seen, oh how I wish to name it my LYS! Its on my list of important places I must visit while in the area.

Again, things my DH just doesnt need to know.

Started last night working on my very first felting project. Going to make a purse. Using a slight variegated, inexpensive wool for this baby. Just positive its going to be hideous but...I have to try. Simple pattern, all knit in the round with gradual decreases for a round bottom or no decrease at all for a flat edging. Will make that decision when I get there. Again.....camera/computer issues so no pics today!

I got a e'card from my SP yesterday. Thank ya SP! Cheered me and my grumpy'ness up! More than what my DH got for me! But thats ok....I really can't talk. His Valentines present from me was a new pair of work shoes. Ahh...the romance of a couple married for 10 years. Imagine what we will be like in 10 more years - scary. Thinking maybe of Raymonds parents on "Everyone Loves Raymond". hehe


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