Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Much Better Day...

Ok. So, remember the arm warmers I was knitting up a couple weeks ago? Want to see my progress on em?

Thats right. I took em' apart. Don't judge me people. They were too loose on my arms. Although warm and soft - I just kept pulling them up all day. Do they make belts for arm warmers? Or suspenders? hehe

Either way, I will find a new home for this yarn. Maybe a plush scarf, or mittens. Yeah, mittens sound like the ticket. Now to find a easy mitten pattern that will put my new dpn skills to work.
Look what was awaiting me at my doorstep today!

Thats right - the teaman cometh. Woo hoo. Caramel, vanilla, chocolate, rasperry (for the hubby), apple & their Valentines special blend. Which - actually smells the best! Tonight....its a cup o' tea, the ex-arm warmer yarn and The Apprentice. Gonna be a good night!

Yeah...ya Secret Pal even arranged programming on the telly for me so I could have a peaceful night. Thank ya Secret Pal - lifted my spirits!


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