Thursday, February 10, 2005

On the road again...

Man how I hate moving. Actually, I love the whole feel of moving to a new place. Change is good. I just hate the packing, loading the truck and unloading the truck parts. I was born into a nomadic type family. My Mother (single parent) was always on the go, moving from town to town across this state and wandering into a couple others occasionally. We always seemed to find our way back to what I consider my home town - Abilene. I told my hubby that he married a nomad and that it was just in my blood - he should get used to it! As I grow older though I find myself wanting to settle in and plant roots. I just am not sure where I want to start the planting. Right now, we go where ever my dh's job tell us to go. Strange how my life circle continues from the traveling with my Mother onto the traveling with my dh eh?

Went to my lys last night. Again, I am amazed how I walk in there with specific yarn on my mind and come out with everything but the kitchen sink. I went a huntin' for a gift for my Secret Pal. She has specific yarn preferences (unlike myself - sorry sp!!) so I thought it would be easy enough. I was so wrong. I'd find the perfect color but the type of yarn would be wrong. I'd find the perfect blend but her color faves werent available. I have to admit though that I just love shopping for my SP. We are completely different yet we have this one little obsession in common - knitting. Which, is really all you need to form a friendship. I did find a little something I think she will dig.

This was on the front page of my online news today - is it just me or does yarn seem like a dumb place to smuggle that? I mean, its not like its going to mask the smell to the drug sniffing dogs. People are stooopid I say. Not to mention, wasting some perfectly good yarn. :)


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