Saturday, February 19, 2005

Purple Twist & Stuff

Found a pattern on the net - where I don't know. Was a knitting blog. I think. :) Long ruffle-type twist scarf. Not practical in any way - but so cute. Really easy pattern too - knit lengthwise. It reminded me of the Ruffle scarf from Scarf Style - but much MUCH easier on my hands. Holler if you want the link to the site - I am sure I'll find it in my mess of bookmarks! Made with RH Purple Tweed on HUGE size 17' circs. Ends up with about 400 stitches which were brutal to bind off - would make this with something fuzzy and on smaller needles if I make another one.

Also working on a second scarf from Scarf Style - same as my red mohair only using a mercerized cotton with this one. A friend requested it - lovely color and perfect for spring. Just noticed that I screwed up in the beginning and maybe did one too many knit rows - but I'll just do the same on the other end and pretend its supposed to be that way. Vibrant turquoise, two strands on #8's. God bless my addis as this pattern is a breeze with them!


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