Thursday, February 17, 2005


Just a quick note to say that Knitters & Crocheters are absolutely the best. Ever. I have been selling misc stuff on eBay for years now, alot of people don't pay. Which completely pisses me off but its one of the downsides to selling on the internet. The last few weeks I have been (gasp) weeding out my yarn stash. I've sold a bunch of yarn and books on eBay. Mainly to just eliminate more stuff to pack but - the extra moola certainly doesnt hurt either. Anyway, everyone of my yarn or knitting books auctions have been paid for now. In record time at that. Which, if I estimated I would guess that about 40% of my buyers of non-knit/crochet related items just never pay. Grrr. Just shocking. Proof that it takes a certain kind of wonderful person to work the sticks eh? ! Thanks guys!


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