Saturday, February 19, 2005

Thoughts on Colorado

Top Ten List of Things I Noticed in Colorado

1.) Fog. God, the fog. I drove thru the state in the wee hours of the morning and there was dense fog. Visibility 3 feet fog. I drove back out of the state in the wee hours (stoooopid) and again, FOG.

2.) They drive under the speed limit on the open expanses of highway (75mph there btw) and like Nascar pros in the city. I also did not notice many, if any Hwy Patrol cruisers either.

3.) The scenic view I imagined was highly over exaggerated in my mind. I visioned a city pretty much on the side of the mountains, breath-taking views and log cabins. I saw what I can only describe as a normal bustling city with a view here and there of what may or may not be mountains in the backdrop.

Just noticed that my car made this shot - I'll let ya guess which one it is.

4.) Visiting any city, be it Denver or anywhere else, on a day when something major in happening sportswise is not a good idea. There was a basketball'ish type event going on - I couldnt find a motel room anywhere. I settled on this. Dingy & more than a little scary. The desk chair fit under the door handle sufficiently thus allowing me a false sense of security in this motel from hell.

5.) The people are very, very nice. I mean all of them. The guy at Arby's actually told me to have a nice day. The motel clerk told me I had beautiful hair. The guy at the convenience store helped me with directions and let me have his copy of the daily paper. Sadly, this was shocking to me. Which makes me want to move out of this state all the more.

6.) They have a kickin' yarn store. Big store with everything imaginable. Very helpful staff. I bought my first angora yarn there. $25 for 236 yds in Ivory. So begins the search to figure out what scarf I could make with it.

7.) Highway medians are huge. Really huge. Like two blocks wide. I suppose this is for the bad weather to prevent vehicles sliding off the road into oncoming traffic. Thats a guess but...sounds good.

8.) The first half (eastern) of the state is all prairie. Unlike KS its not prairie and farmland. It just seemed to be kind of barren. There was nowhere to stop and rest or get a tank of fuel for probably at least 150 miles.

9.) I really figured I might have some breathing issues with the elevation - but I didnt. Perhaps this is because I drove in and the change was gradual.

10.) I listened to my very first audiobook. Ok, this does not have anything to do with the state itself - but it was one of the good things about the whole trip. I bought the new Dean Koontz audiobook (Life Expectations I think is the name) and listened to all but the final disc on the drive back. I highly recommend audio books for anyone taking a long trip. I really thought it would drone on and put me to sleep but - it was wonderful and actually kept me very alert.

Thats all I have - to sum - it was basically KS with a mountain in the backdrop and very nice people!


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