Thursday, February 24, 2005

To Felt or not to Felt?

That is the question. Take a look at the beast that will be forever known as my first felted purse.

Could this be any uglier? Is this the purse only its Mother could love?

I seriously need to start over and try some new colors. Perhaps felting is really only for vibrant, bold colors. Who knew this lovely caramel yarn would end up looking like my nephews diaper?

A note to all fellow virgin felters. FVF's? Pick your yarn colors wisely & swatch this thru the washing machine before you put alot of time in it. I also noticed it took two days (still a little damp) for this to dry and (gasp) it seems to have a little funk about it. Is this normal? I doubt it - maybe I needed to put it in a better ventilated room, in front of a fan or something.

Either way - the next one will be da bomb baby. I knew the first one wouldnt be perfect and I learned from my mistakes. So - tonight - I'm off to pick up a couple sk's of Lambs Pride and try again. I could wait for my Knit picks order to arrive but .....gawd....two weeks? Thats a long time. Easier to drive the ten miles and get started tonight!

A pic of the Patons Brilliance I picked up at Hobby Lobby last week. Still waiting for my attention now as I am in the midst of a felting fog.

I also knitted up "Josie" from the Rowan Ribbon Twist Collection. I tried a different yarn. Bad idea. Just not as pretty as the Ribbon Twist. Will I bring myself to dish out the $30 in yarn for this purse? Doubtful - but I might. This pattern also came out really small, as in I can barely fit my hand thru to the bottom. I do have the tendency to knit really tight - but on these HUGE needles I don't see how I couldnt be knitting with proper gauge. It will make a cute purse for some lucky little girl though.

What the purse SHOULD look like!

Alright thats it - you talked me into it - I will get the Ribbon Twist yarn tonight. Surely missing just one little car payment won't be such a big deal. Right? Uh - hello?


At 11:54 AM, Blogger Peacock said...

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At 12:40 PM, Blogger Peacock said...

Your first felted purse is lovely. If you still don't like it, you could always send it to me! ;) .... and if the color really is that horrid, have you thought about trying to over-dye it? There's not much harm you could do at this stage, what with it already felted and everything... ;) It could probably be pulled into a decent forest green or chocolate brown, or maybe into a better orange. (don't know how the bamboo handles would handle the dyeing process though. Can they be removed?)

As for the drying time, felting can take forever! Especially if the climate is humid. I'll often speed the process by tossing it into the dryer for a *short* run. I pull it out while it's still damp enough to block, and it dries much faster.


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