Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! I have to admit it hasnt been the greatest for me so far today. My hubby is out of town and I'm thinkin' he may have forgotten about it. No flowers or cards or chocolates yet. But its only 5pm so...a girl can hope! I did get a card from my Mom though - does that count?!

I havent exactly been a bloggin' superstar lately eh? Want to hear my excuses? Welllll....first - I'm tired. Ah, lets just make that excuse number 1-8 as its the main one. Suffering from a bout of insomnia for about a week now. Right now I'm at the stage where I could just about fall asleep standing up. Of course, it would only be for a hour or so. Grrr. Grumpy, baggy eyed & suffering from lackosleep stupidity. Today, I went out to start the car and apparently went back 20 years in time. I turned the key in the ignition AND floored the gas. Which of course is not only not necessary in our one year old car but the car was super pissy about it. Flooded it. I decided that I did not want it written on my tombstone that I was a idiot driver who braved the 75mph highway as I napped. I went back in the house and took a nap. For a hour.

I'm done complaining now - ah yes...I hear the applause. ;)

In knitting news - I finished my Misty Garden scarf. I took pictures of it (toooo cool) but something is amiss with the computer as I can't open the camera program. Or else - its the lackosleep stupidity I mentioned earlier. Could go either way. Its a beautishus scarf though! Can't wait for chillier weather so I can wear it out!

I also bought some orange/yellow mercerized cotton which I made up a quickie crochet scarf for my SIL. Again - imagine the pictures here ....ohhh ahhhh. I bought another paid of Addis too. Yay hoorah. Used a frequent shopper points card for those and they ended up being free! Did I mention its my goal to replace all my needles (circs at least) with Addis? I love em that much. I did notice though that the pair I have right now seem to be tarnishing a bit where I hold them towards the ends. Is this normal? Do I need to do something to prevent it....or just not worry about it. I'd hate for anything I'm working on to get damaged due to this....but not sure if its anything to be concerned about. to try another nap.


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