Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ain't Ascared

My dh left for Atlanta today. I've found that when he goes on business trips - I LOVE it and absolutely hate it. Its a full day of girl time. But its a full night of scary noises in the house. Where all the horror movies I've seen or books I've read my entire life come back to memory in vivid color. (damn Stephen King) A night where I lose all of my ain't-scared-of-nothing self and spend a restless night with the phone on the pillow next to me just waiting for me to punch those three numbers - 911. I didnt used to be this way. I was a single gal til I was almost 30. Someone trying to break in the house - they'd regret it. I eat axe murderers for dinner man. Not anymore.

Why did this happen? Is this also a age thing. Perhaps I've reached that age where I realize that I am not invincible. Uncool. What is my future going to be like if I almost pee myself when the lilac bush brushing against the side of the house scares the crap out of me. Can you see me in 20 years, like that cartoon cat where (is it Tom?) a loud noise or the dog barking startles him and he is hanging from the ceiling by his nails? Is this my destiny?

Ok. Thats just sad. And lame. And so old lady'ish.

I did manage to pull my head out from under the covers today and go to my beauty shop. Is beauty shop the correct wording - or is it salon. Or do girls like me go the the beauty shop and girls like Paris Hilton go to a salon? Ahhh. Moving on - I got a trim and Terri put my hair into a little clippy thing which I thought was too cool. Want to see? Ok - a self pic in my bathroom, the best lit room in the house.

Kinda cute. Won't last once this wind thats come up in the last few hours hits me - but for a brief moment I had foo foo curls.

Nothing much to report in knitting and/or crochet news. Working on the same old same old. I may make a quick run to my LYS today - just to look. Or you know. Maybe, if something is really cheap, or if they are having a big sale or if they are overstocked with yarn and plead with me to help then - maybe I might want to think about maybe you know.

Hey - its gonna be a long night for me - new yarn could help.

Speaking of which - I did lock the screen door right? :)


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