Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Bug

Ok. So. The crud has struck. I am sniffly, stuffy, sleepy and cranky. I had a feeling it was creeping on me - but whats a girl to do? Crud happens.

I managed to top off a already busy day with a quick trip to my LYS. Of course - as if I could ever be sick enough to not want to yarn shop. They called to let me know the Crystal Palace Merino Frappe came in (too lazy to walk cleeaaarr across the room to verify but I think Raspberry was the color). So once again - you are doomed for two weeks of me wondering what the hell I am doing wrong with the Spiderweb Capelet from SNBN. I am sorry - but I must. I am convinced that the first 78 times I tried this pattern and failed (and failed and failed and..) is because I was substituting yarn. I know - I'm in serious denial. But maybe, just maybe....

I also picked up some gorgeous Lornas Laces that was on sale. Yeah for me. Will try and post pics of both tomorrow. This is it for me and yarn purchases for a while. I am officially on a yarn diet until I finish at least two current projects. Now - if any of you want to give me free yarn - well....that would be ok!

I also have found THE perfect needle case. Thats right - the PERFECT one. I don't want to put my source (hehe) on the spot right now as nothing is definite - but its really a cute case. Not frumpy like most I've seen and very original. Will have more details soon! Ok - hitting the pillow!


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