Sunday, March 06, 2005

Couches, Socks & Bad Ass Cats

Ok - I missed the prime sunlight part of the day that I needed to take decent pictures of our new couch - but here is what I was able to come up with. Its much prettier in person.

Full shot without the giant ottoman:

Sable Eastwood on the ottoman (closer look at the color):

Its a little too fluffy right now for my preferences - but gimme time and I'll have my butt print on there shortly. Too much information?

Here is a sneak peek at the Teva Shrug:

What do you think of the colors. See - what I am worried about now is that I won't like the striping in the neck area. Should I try and make the turtleneck part of this all one color? And if yes - then what color? And where would I start the solid color. And and and. I'm leaning towards the stripes. Ah well.....I have a feeling I will be working on this for months to come so I'll figure it out then.

Big news in my knitting world. I cast on for my first sock. As you know (or do you?) I decided I wanted to learn sock knitting this year. I went out and bought some bamboo dpns and cast of this afternoon. Ribbing galore - but I am excited about this as its such a small project. Wish me luck - I am using Regia in a bright colors - self striping. I wish I had Addis dpns. Does anyone know where I could get these? Just found out recently that they make them - if anyone has extras I would be willing to buy or trade. Or have my cat give your mortal enemy "the look". Which would scare em' - bad. Think about it. My cat is for hire. :)

Ok - I'm off. About time for The Simpsons and I must figure out what we are having for supper tonight. Hmm....which Hamburger Helper will we go with tonight?


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