Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Did ya ever just have one of those days where you just could not get it together? Yeah? I am in the midst of one of those weeks.

Well, I needed some mindless knitting so....I started another scarf. Using what pattern you ask? Go ahead - guess. What pattern have I used the hell out of in the last two months? What pattern are just sick of hearing me talk about? Thats right - its another Misty Garden. I can't help it. Its truly just the easiest pattern in the world - and it comes out beautifully. Plus (and this is the biggie) if I screw up, its really only a max of 4 rows that I would have to rip out to correct. The scarf to knit if you are in a tv coma. Heres a pic of the latest one. Anyone want to guess what my family and friends will be getting for Christmas this year?

A close up of the colors - pastel alert.

The yarn is by Plymouth and its called "Bella Colour". Probably take 3 sk's at $4 ea. Cheap! A cotton blend, quite lovely. Its a little to pastel for me but I am sure I will find a nice home for her. I do love this yarn though - holler at me if you see it on a yarn website somewhere.

I also bought this pattern booklet:

I have been really wanting a jacket- type- kimono for a while now. I am going to mess with the pattern and see if I can't come up with something less furry. Not using the Patons Allure yarn either as the pattern calls for *gasp* 20 balls. Which - at $6.99 ea is wayyy out of my budget. Not to mention - its just too fuzzy for my tastes. I bought some Woolease Chunky, going to see what it looks like with this pattern. Heres a peek at the color -

Another something that I won't be wearing til the end of the year! I also stumbled across another site (yarn yarn yarn mustbuyyarn) - Threadbear Fiber Arts Studio. Lots of interesting stuff. I emailed them today asking about a specific brand (Feza Du Du - don't laugh - its gorgeous stuff!) I had heard they sold - but didnt see it on their site. I have yet to hear back from them though. Has anyone bought from this place? I am wondering if they have a actual online store as the yarn catalog page doesnt have any links to see the yarns.

Must run!


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