Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter and Stuff

So how was your Easter? Mine was ok. Went to see my Mother in Abilene where I took her on a little shopping spree. She wanted a electric skillet - so we shopped til we found just the right one. Who knew electric skillet shoppin' could be so complicated? Don't want one thats too deep, nor too shallow, there has to be a simmer type temperature choice, the plug has to fit in a certain type socket, it can't have that non-stick stuff - and I thought I was wierd about yarn!

I looked all over this state for the Cadbury Cream Eggs as I have a couple of friends who were frantically looking for them before the season was over - but found none. Personally - I think they are gross - snot chocolate. But - would of been a nice surprise for a friend or two. Maybe next year guys.

My knitting was pretty minimal this weekend. I spent some time on the lace shawls ( ya bored with hearing about them yet?) and started a new Teva shrug.

The shawl is taking me for-friggin-ever. The last row I crocheted took me over a hour. And I am - in my own opinion- a fast crocheting chick. I'm terrified thinking of how long it will take me in the end. I'm maybe half way thru it. But - I do LOVE it - so its all worth it in the end.

The shrug is going to be black and I am using TLC Essentials. Yes, thats right - the horror - acrylic yarn! But - I had it in my yarn stash and I think its soft enough. Don't hate the girl on a budget.

Ok - I have to go watch Oprah. Lisa Marie Presley is on today, bound to be a interesting show.

Check below as I started with the "Great Stash Elimination Project" today - make me a offer.


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