Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Felting Fiasco

Another tip from the VF (virgin felter). Do not put black Lambs Pride in your washing machine without first placing it in a pillow case. I just threw a gigantic purse in there - put er' on wash and checked back in on it about 5 minutes later. My washing machine looked like a war zone. I actually had to let the water cool for a couple of hours just so I could scoop out the shedding mess before draining out the water, I was afraid it might clog the pipes. So - to be safe - put all to-be-felted items in a pillowcase, then the washer. Learn from my mistakes.

On the flip side - my purse is da bomb. I can't decide on how to decorate it - its a big BIG tote style purse. I really like the idea of a pink mohair heart, but the funky yarn as a heart might be cool....or my name...or my initials....or.... Ideas?


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