Sunday, March 13, 2005

Gifts, Gifts & then some more gifts!!

Ok - lemme say for anyone considering high speed cable for your ISP - its sooo not all that. I have not been able to stay online for more than 5 minutes this whole weekend. So annoying. But - I'm here now, copying every 30 seconds in hopes that the browser doesnt crash - just the ISP and my blog might be saved. Grrrr!

Ok - thats all I have to complain about.

Now - onto the GOOD stuff!! First - I got a package in the mail from my SP4 on Saturday! Hooya! Wanna see it? Ok - here goes

First - and my absolute favorite thing ever - stitch markers. Too pretty and just perfect. Wondering if my SP made them as they are fabulous!

I have already used them!

Next we have, two books. One is 'Pursenalities' which - and this is too wierd - I was going to buy on Amazon Saturday morning. I put off buying it until I could find a second item as Amazon has the free shipping thing going on if you spend a certain amount of money. So, SP - it was PERFECT timing and the perfect gift! She also sent me a Patons book that has knit AND crochet patterns - as in each pattern has the crochet and knit instructions. How awesome is that? There are so many cute purse patterns in these two books - I may deem this the year of the felted purse!

She also sent me two skeins of Noro Kureyon in gorgeous greens/yellows/golds/orange which is already slated for a Spring'y purse, some sock needle end protectors and a little sheep beanie bag thing that my cat (the much photographed and shamelessly forced upon you here in blogland - Sable) has already claimed as her own.

So - ya see - its been a great weekend for me. Thanks so much SP! I love everything!

What else - I did start a shawl or two. I am making a crochet lacy shawl out of the boucle that Michael sent me. A sneak peek will be offered tomorrow! I also started Lady Eleanors shawl - but gawd, what a disaster that turned out to be. I can't figure out why I have gaps in between the pattern repeats. I have only cast on once for it though - so I am certainly not giving up! Also this is first time I have worked with Lorna's Laces - its quite lovely. I'll try again tomorrow.

Finished the pastel scarf I posted pics of a few days ago. Its going in the Christmas tote for someone to be determined later in the year! I planned on it being a Easter type scarf but - changed my mind.

To sign off - I leave you with a picture of Doogie, anxiously awaiting my DH to return from picking up take-out at our favorite chinese restaurant! More tomorrow - when I am hopefully not living in fear of the net crashing!!

Thanks again SP!!


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