Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lace, Yarn Sites & Stash Reduction

Well....I posted a day or two ago that I had emailed Threadbear Fiber Arts Studio asking about some specific yarn they were to have in stock, I didnt get a response so I emailed again. -- - and I have yet to hear back from them. That is so dissapointing. I did find another yarn site though, that I am sure you already know about - but just in case - Handpainted Yarn.com. Wonderful site with lots of gorgeous stuff! Check it out. This one is soooo calling my name. But - I am trying to resist! Its just so cheap though - I could get a shawl for $6.

I have been working on two shawls the last few days. Crochet on both, simple shell pattern using Lace yarn. After going thru my yarn stash and repeating the "yarndiet,yarndiet" mantra in my head I discovered I had tons of lace. Tons I say. The first shawl is the Cherry Tree Hill boucle lace in wild colors, the second is Knit Picks Alpaca in light gray. One will be a gift, one will be a keeper - I'll let you wonder which is which. Lace really takes me a long time to make up, but so pretty and delicate in the end. Plus - make perfect Spring/Summer gifts.

I have also decided that I might just start a little swap and trade yarn party here in the next week or so. I have a bunch of tweedy yarn that I will probably never do anything with - and more. So - keep a watch and if you see something you like - we can trade. Make me a offer!

In not knitting (crochet) news - our furnace went out yesterday. We waited until today to call someone as we didnt want to pay extra for the repair guy to come out after hours. Unfortunately, our furnace guy probably won't be out today either. Grrr. Couldnt get a appointment. Its not too cold, maybe 50' during the day and 30'ish at night so its bearable. We have just turned on all of our heater fans. The furnace couldnt wait just a couple more weeks to die? Then we should be decently into our Spring season! Ah well - never dull.

I'm off - house cleaning, laundry and figuring out just where exactly we are going to order supper from tonight!

ps - did I mention that my SP4 made those stitch markers I posted here a couple days ago? Is she talented or what? I think she should try selling them online - gotta be alot of knitters such as myself that are looking for some pretty markers! I also am going to be the proud owner of a needle case, handmade by the wonderful ......... ah - its still a secret! I'll post pics when it gets here - you are gonna want one - trust me!


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