Monday, March 28, 2005

Make Me A Deal

Finally I have managed to go thru a small portion of my yarn stash. And - gawd - theres even more. The tote in the closet that my dh thinks is summer clothes, the plastic shelving full of misc skeins, the bookcase yarn, the stash in my cedar chest and yada yada. Take a look at this - and if any of it strikes your fancy let me know. I would be willing to trade for just about anything - yarn, books, food - whatever! Just email me at beedergirl*at*yahoo*.com (without the little stars of course) or leave a comment here!

A sock lot - book, size 6 dpns and two new skeins of Regia (same dye lot)

Next is a total of 12 skeins (plus a couple partial sk's) of Plymouth Encore ColorSpun DK

4+ of Butterscotch Tweed

3 (probably close to 4 sk's as 2 are rewound in a centerpull ball) of Blue Rainbow Tweed

5 Skeins of Red Tweed

Thats it for now - more to come soon!


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