Monday, March 21, 2005

My Friend Kendra

As usual - she surprised me. Want a peek at what my mailman dropped at my doorstep today? Can you handle it?

Yes, thats right. I am going to be bouncing off the walls for weeks to come. A chocolate high the likes of which few have known. Gawd man. Life is good.

I met her on eBay of all places. She bought one of my knit ponchos - and we have been friends ever since. We have alot in common and I am sure if we weren't 1000 miles apart we'd cause a ruckus a yarn stores all over town. She's a beginning knitter, a little unsure of herself with the sticks - but I've seen some of the items she has made - they are lovely. She also listens tirelessly to me as I ramble on about my knitting adventures, which considering I have absolutely no local friends who knit - or would want to feign interest in my maddening hobby - this is a special thing.

I am lucky to have met her - and so appreciative. And, aren't ya'all jealous?!!! :)


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