Thursday, March 24, 2005

Objects may be closer than they appear...

I took this picture with my cell phone last night.

I was on my travels for the elusive Wool Ease in Walnut mentioned in my last post. Sitting in traffic, minding my own business and the ball of floof in the car next to me is barking at me. Non-stop. It dawns on me that the woman holding the dog looks alot like her little co-driver (it was a really long light) so I snap a photo. A bad photo but you get the idea. The light changes and I go on my way. The next light I look in my rearview mirror and see this woman driving her van diagonally across the lanes behind me, scary. I feel like I might possibly have a bullseye on my bumper. It was one of those surreal moments - where you think......

....I'm thinking a couple of things here. First, let this dog haired woman dare a hit-and-run with me. I have a photo of her and her dog. Second, and this is lame but true - did she see me snap a picture and now is driving crazy to catch up to me and kick my ass? Oh sure - like you wouldnt of thought the same thing. And last I thought about how friggin easy the drivers license renewal exams are these days. Mine is for seven years - seven years. And at most I have taken a little written exam to renew since I first got my very first license.

Where was I? Oh - the dog haired woman is barreling in her minivan right for me. Kind of. She actually cut off several people and managed to make it over two lanes to the left of me without killing anyone in the process. I lived to find the wool ease yarn.

See - I could of just not blogged another day and you would of missed out on this er, adventure. The things I do for you.


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