Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Photos, Shrugs & Reality TVf

Yes - I finally posted a pic of me on my blog. So the pic is just basically a attempt at personalizing my little blog - can't hurt, right? Its always interesting to get a peek at the people in the blogs I read - thought I'd jump on the bus. I cropped out a photo and found it non-revolting enough to post on the net. Notice the bags (bag?) under my eye - Rox needs sleep.

Been working a bit on Teva's Shrug. I have to admit I have little patience for this bugger. It just seems to be never ending - and I'm only on the first sleeve. Each sleeve has to be a little over two feet - and I'm barely halfway thru. IS looking really awesome....lets hope for winter to last a little longer so I can wear it this season rather than waiting til next November. Did I mention I am striping it? Yeah....which is why I am so bitchy about it I guess. The ends weaving when I am finished will take me years.

Reality tv. Those who judge people who like reality tv should just move on to the next paragraph. Go on - Ok. Two shows I wanted to mention. Three actually but the third is just a update of sorts. First of all "The Amazing Race". Gawd - I love this show. I have actually thought about trying out for it with my friend Jo. Good news is - we'd get to travel the world. Bad news is - by "world" I mean one continent as we are sure to be the first ones sent home. But what fun we'd have. I am just hoping this season does not end with one of the predictables winning - please let it be someone new. No models, or big strong men. How about the older couple winning? It could happen. CUPHALFFULL. Next - we are onto Survivor. Again - it would be nice if someone cool won. The show is too new for me to have alot to comment on - we'll talk tomorrow. And last - MTV's Road Rules/Real World challenge. Is there a age you reach where you should be ashamed of still watching this? I just love the drama - doesnt compare to the original RR or RW shows but still love them.

Ok. Off to watch Lost. Is it bad that I think the blonde grumpy guy is such a hottie? Oh come on - you were thinkin' it too!


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