Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Prettiest Snake ever.....

Last night my hubby asked me the most awful thing a person can ever ask a knitter.

He said (parents, this would be a good time for your children to leave the room) - upon looking at what I have been knitting for the last month, toiling over daily, longing to be finished with - he said "What is THAT?".

Oh no he di'int.

And it wasn't a tone like he was looking upon the ultimate in loveliness "oh, what is this vision of beautishusness?". No - it was the "what the hell did I just step in and now want to puke" tone. Has he not been listening when I told him how I was going to change the pattern, kick it up a notch and end up with a beauty other knitters would drool over? Did he not pay attention to the fact that each night I manage to find time to painstakingly knit a minimum of two rows on tiny little wooden sticks that I can barely hold in my big brute hands? Who is this man?

After a look that would kill thousands - I told him that it was my be-friggin-loved Teva D Shrug. He cowered in shame. A little. But it was mostly fake. More of fear than in shame. Fake fear.

After having my Snickers and a giant glass of Dr Pepper I asked him what he thought about the shrug. Yeah, I said it. I know - I'm asking for it. Its a no-win situation. He says its nice and I know he's a big ole liar. He says its not nice and I go straight for his jugular. But I said it. And it turns out that he might just have a point - he said it looked like a striped snake. After trying it on - sigh - sob - oh gawd how will I go on - he just might be right. You judge.

I know what you are thinking. He is right. Whats worse is that it looks like a snake that just ate and his meal is a big old lump on the end. Also known as my hand (which does not actually look like raw sausages in person). Can you imagine what it will look like further up the arm where the jiggly fat starts? This was a hard blow. My very first dpn project and it looked like a snake with a fully belly. Man. This is going to be a hard one to get over.

I am going to post it on the SS KAL to warn others. Learn from my mistakes.

In other news - I managed to unravel the sleeves of the most adored angora sweater I found a the thrift store. Want to see? Knew ya would.

From this:

To this:

I'm thinking about making a super fluffy red scarf. Ideas?


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Peacock said...

RE: stripey shrug "snake". .. I think it's kinda fun, really. But then, I'm not afraid of snakes. ;)


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