Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday .....

I bought the new issues of FC Easy Knitting and Vogue Knitting. Love them both - the FC has a couple of lace scarf patterns which are definitely on my to-do list now. Also I am going to make the off shoulder sweater on the cover - maybe in light blue as I think I have enough yarn.

Of course, this is after I finish all of my current WIP's which now number in the thousands, if not millions. (They multiply you know) As my rule is to not buy yarn til a couple are finished. What a moron I was to commit to that.

I have been working on both of my lace shawls. I'm dying to take pics but the weather has been very gray lately so photos would be awful. Once the sun comes out - be ready for the slow loading, picture ridden blog. I re-started my Teva D shrug. Its in all black. Black is safe. After the debacle the stripes turned out to be - I went clear to the other side of the color spectrum. I also went up a couple of needle sizes as the project suggestion size was too small for me and my tight knitting self. Well - that and the chunky arms issue.


I am working on getting some sort of a trade/barter thing posted here in the next few days too. Again- the sun is not cooperating with my schedule. Probably have a couple skeins of sock yarn, couple pairs of sticks, a sock knitting book, Plymouth Encore Colorspun tweeds and maybe some Beacon Hill light weight yarns. Interested?

The hubby is making dinner tonight - I think its some sort of spicy chicken with pasta dish. He rarely cooks - but when he does its delish. Of course I pay the price with the disaster area the kitchen becomes - but soooo worth it.

Must sign off - have a great weekend!


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