Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Too much fun - as stolen from Christine who stole it from someone who .......

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Today was a day of crochet for me. I went on a little yarn hunting adventure (where are you dear Walnut Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky?) and came home without the much needed yarn. And no - the yarn wasnt for me - so there. Its actually for a poncho that a friend asked me to make. I thought I'd had enough of it - 5 sk's. I will go out tomorrow and hit Joanne's before I may be forced to order it online. I'd hate that as I only need one skein - so wish me luck!

Most of my time was spent on the two lace shawls. Both are just random crochet patterns for me, I'm not following any pattern. Just started tonight with some shells on the lace boucle and its really looking wonderful. A dull, dark day or I would have bored you with some pictures of it.

Watched The Amazing Race tonight. Let it be known that I am really trying very hard to not get on the I-Hate-Ambah-&-Rob bandwagon. But gawd, they make it difficult. I know most of it is all editing. Lets just say that I really hope that after this show - Rob and Amber's 15 minutes are up. To all of you reality tv junkies such as myself - did anyone watch MTV's RR/RW challenge yesterday. You've gotta give Beth props. I know, you don't want to - but she is like pushing 40 and on a game where most of all the other women are young and a little on the skanky side. The girl had no chance.

Yes. I need to get a life. Sigh.



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