Saturday, March 05, 2005

Today is absolutely the best day (weather wise) we have had in a while. I am just exhausted from a day of running - but the weather was so beautishus - I didn't mind. Went couch shopping today. When you have a limited budget and are wanting a quality sofa - ya must shop ALL the furniture stores. We ended up buying a cute, cushy loveseat with a full ottoman at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I am not sure if I recommend this place or not - its so huge and kind of impersonal. You get the feeling like you are a little fish in a sea of fisherman who are all eyeballin' you, waiting for you to take the bait. Waiting to get that 5% commission or whatever. But, price wise they were the cheapest. I'll post a pic tomorrow of the new addition to our little living area.

I also managed to stop by a thrift store and pick up a couple sweaters that I am going tear into. Get this - I found one that was angora. OMG. Its a bit small but even if I just get a scarf or two out of it - soooo worth the $2.99 price tag. Want to see pics of them?

I knew you would.

Fun fun fun!

I havent gotten far on my Teva Shrug. I'm just not a fan of the dpn's. Seems like sometimes I fly right thru them - other times its just a grueling pain in the ass. A lousy attitude - that and knowing I can't wear it til next year. Patience. Patience.

What else ...... - could I be more boring? Will post more tomorrow - I think I am just beat tonight! Getting super old where going to furniture stores kicks my butt. Must go take some geritol and soak my dawgs!


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