Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Yarn Diet Clause

Ok. So. The rules were never specified about this whole yarn diet thing. I am left to assume that although I am not allowed to buy yarn..... I can buy knitting books, or needles or ......

As with my dieting with food - I have found a clause.

My latest non-yarn purchases:

I have yet to jump off the poncho bandwagon, I bought "Ponchos & Wraps, A Knitters Dozen" today. Some really pretty capelets and scarves that were irresistable. Also a entrelac shrug. For that day when I figure out how the hell to do entrelac without it having huge gaps. My day will come.

Also the new Spring Interweave Knits magazine was FINALLY available here in KC. I actually joined a KAL (cable 8 pattern pictured below) and I had yet to get the magazine. I also am thinking about maybe making one of the capelets - for me, and the sweater vest for my FIL.

I also stumbled across Teva Durhams new book thats to come out in June. Which - I managed to pre-order today - and since it won't be billed til June - the hubby will have forgotten all about the money I spent on knitting stuff this weekend. Evvvil laugh!!

Alright - a lazy blog day for me with all pictures on this post - forgive me - more tomorrow. :)


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