Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Grumpy Cravings

Ok. So just in case I have not complained enough about my yarn diet - here is more for ya. I'm sick of it. Sick I say. I want some new yarn. I want to go to my LYS and not only ohhh & ahhh over the new yarns - but buy some of them.

Is this so bad?

I mean, I've been really good. Do I not deserve a treat once in a while? And I've noticed that this new yarn nutrient that I am so dearly missing is affecting my current knitting. The stuff I'm making now is more of a chore than a joy. In effect - I am ruining my love of knitting. One would think the only way to solve this problem is to just buy a wee bit of new yarn. Just a measly couple of skeins.


Have I convinced you yet...... cuz I had me at the first paragraph. How on earth does one resist this urge? And is there a 10 step group in my area that can help me?

I did manage to find a little stash of lace weight yarn I had forgotten about. I may try to make something with it. Perhaps persuade myself that I just bought it. I wound the skeins into pull centers and they are actually much prettier that way. No pic of the wound skeins as lighting is bad but here is a before pic of the beauties.

Tonight is the Amazing Race on CBS. Probably one of my favorite shows. Despite Rob & Amber. Again, I know its probably all editing - giving all us reality tv junkies something to talk about. But still - they annoy me. Also while I am on the subject of reality tv - want my prediction on who will win Survivor this season? And - I have said this from the beginning. I think it will be Stephanie. She is the gal on the two person team right now. However, sadly for Steph - I am never right with my guesses but....ya never know.

Ok - I've whined enough for today! Thanks for stopping by - I promise to be less grumpy tomorrow ~ :)



At 5:07 PM, Blogger Laura said...

It's like innoculations, where they actually give you a little bit of the disease cells. (did i say that right?) anyway, I say the best cure would be just a little shot in the arm of good ole yarn. just a wee bit. (plus you have some on the way from me!)


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