Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kids With Tails

We also went to visit an animal shelter today. Tami and her latest blog entry motivated me to make this trip. ;) I am trying desperately to get my hubby to agree to adopt a new "kid". We also pick up dog/cat treats every time we shop and then will drop off a big bag of goodies to the shelter once in a while. This time - I went in. Big mistake. I saw this fella and a dozen more that were just callin' my name. My hubby is worried that our current dog will not deal well with another dog in the house. He had a bad situation when he was a kid with two dogs who just hated each other and now he is nervous about it. I'm like - not all dogs are that way. Just because of one bad experience - ya can't lump all kids w/tails into the same behaviour. He is on the verge of caving - I can feel it. Nonetheless, we came home without a buddy this time - with me boo hooing all the way.

Please - spay or neuter your pets. And if you are looking for a friend who is loyal, sweet and will never let you down - adopt a homeless animal. You won't regret it.


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What cute little buddies! At my shelter, they encourage you to bring your other pets up to meet the dog you are interested in. You can get a feel for how they act together. You might ask if they will let you bring your little guy in for an introduction before you take a new dog home. It might make your husband feel better about it anyway. Good luck!


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