Monday, April 25, 2005

Oh Dear Creamsicle - how I love thee

I am a girl obsessed. Bought a box of Popsicles over the weekend - and I can't leave them alone now. Today, already - and its only 4pm...I have had 4. No, not four boxes - four Popsicles. Although at my current rate by this time next month I should be up to four boxes daily.

Also known as the period of my life where my main form of transportation will be me being lifted onto the back of a flatbed truck.

Of course, these are sugar free. But I'm thinkin' there are limits to even how much sugar free crap you can put into your body before you explode. I'd rather not test the theory so I will try to stop at one box.


Knitting news - I (hooray) finished my pink/green felted purse. No pictures yet again as the weather refuses to budge a inch and give me a sunny day. But its cute....and makes a wonderful addition to my last unphotographed felted bag.

I'm thinking about starting some sort of KAL with bags/purses where you make a purse for a fellow knitter. I saw something similar with handknit/crochet flowers recently. What do you think? Would you sign up? Might be fun. If I get enough responses - I'll do it.

Ah hell - if I just get one response I'll do it. And we'll be the only cool chickies sporting handknit bags from a friend.

And won't you be jealous and regretting never signing up? hehe

Email (beedergirl*at*yahoo*com) or leave a comment if you are interested!

I'm off to walk the doglette. Hoping this rainy weather lets me get around the block before it starts up again. Gotta love Spring!


At 10:23 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

I would LOVE to do a felted purse swap! as long as I was given enough time to knit it up, and not get shafted like I did in the Feb. Flowers swap I was in!


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