Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ok. So. Susie is my first ever blogline subscriber. Of which I am totally honored - thanks chickie! Email me your addy and I'll send you a "first subscriber ever" prize! Really!

This is where I admit to my internet inadequacy - I'm not sure what Bloglines actually is/are?! I thought it was a program that allowed you to track other blogs and be alerted when they had new posts. Which, gawd - would be a dream. So, I signed up for it - notice the pretty link on the sidebar. But - I'm totally lost in the whole thing. Am I missing where it allows me to add blogs, or where I even know who's signed up ( rock Susie) for my blog?

Maybe I should try for more than two hours sleep tonight and look at it again tomorrow?


Either way - I'm very flattered to be Bloglined.

Not alot in knitting news today. I felted my purse that I was working on the last few days and its actually cute. I will post pics tomorrow after its dryed a bit. Stuffed with plastic bags and a towel right now! I also started on my lime green/pink purse. I'm looking forward to finishing it maybe tomorrow ? Hopefully. I thought about trying Fair Isle and adding a heart to the front of it.

Also tomorrow I will start back on my Cable Eight top. I am so unmotivated with this k2p2 ribbing - and I'm only on the back panel - still have the front to go! Ack. Managed to pick up the new IK - and again - hoping someone starts a shrug KAL - so many cute ones. I love the short sleeve fiery red one - just enough coverage to hide the scary parts of my upper arms!

To close - have I mentioned how completely sick I am of this stupid football draft. 9 hours a day on Sat. & Sun. Killing me here. And when its over, then we just go back to baseball being on every single friggin day. Football is my sport of choice, one or two days a week for 4 hours each day. Thats doable. Seven days a week for 6 months is hell. Hell I say.

Ok. I'm done with the whining.



At 4:48 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

Bloglines rocks! You do have two subscribers, you know. :)

To get your blogs marked, go to the Bloglines website. You need to download a 'sub with bloglines' button onto your browser toolbar. Once you do that, you just hit the button when you're on a blog you like and it will keep track of it for you.

Also, you can share your blogs on your blog by getting the html from Bloglines. This will allow you to create categories and put them on your blog. For instance, I have knitting and non-knitting blogs that I read displayed on my blog.

Email me if you need help!


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